Borderwork A visual journey through periphery frontier regions

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The EastBordNet photo project started when Sarah Green met Lena Malm, and asked:

– Would you like to photograph borders?
– You mean things that are invisible?
– Yes.

Borderwork is the result of a visual journey through frontier regions on the island of Lesbos, in Turkey, Latvia, Cyprus, Kosovo, Berlin, Israel and the Palestinian territories.
It is a collaboration between a photographer and a group of twenty researchers from all around Europe and Israel. The researchers are economists, political scientists, anthropologists or linguists who are interested in what happens around borders.

Sarah Green  interviewed the participants from the field trips and wrote the beautiful text.

Markus Drake and Robin A. Harper further contributed with insightful essays on Berlin.
Text: Sarah Green
Photos: Lena Malm
160 pages, hardcover
ISBN: 9789529317165

79 cm x 61 cm. 30 euro + shipping.

79 cm x 61 cm. 30 euro + shipping.